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* 25+ years of experience.

* Successful representation of thousands of people in criminal cases.

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*  Goal is the same with each and every case taken on:

“Earn the client’s trust & exceed the client’s expectations!”

* An important truth about how justice is achieved

“A key factor as to how a case turns out … is the lawyer!”

“When it matters most, the right lawyer makes all the difference!”

Attorney Paul Molle realizes that making sure a client is with the the right attorney, depending on the client’s particular case and specific circumstances, will ensure that the client's case ends with a favorable outcome.

Many times, Attorney Paul Molle is the very best lawyer for the task at hand.

On occasion, however, a client’s legal predicament requires that Attorney Paul Molle bring in a lawyer to serve as co-counsel, or that a client is referred to a trusted lawyer who’s better able to ensure that justice is obtained for the client.

Give Attorney Paul Molle an opportunity to earn your trust; he’ll exceed your expectations, and he’ll make sure you obtain justice!

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